Non Laser Tatoo Removal

Non Laser Tatoo Removal

What is non laser removal?

“Erazer”and “Removal S” removals are  safe, manual technique, designed to remove tattoo pigment from the skin.

Why choose non laser removal?

  • “Erazer” and “Removal S” removes all colours and all pigments on the market

  • Do not affect hair follicles on your brows.

  • Absolutely safe for skin

  • Saline / fruit acid based doesn’t contain harmful chemicals

  • Do not leave scares

Acid /Saline based removals

The first removal solutions in the market used acids from metals, which are highly aggressive to the skin. In case of “Erazer removal”, the acids if carries are from fermented fruits and work as a chemical peel. This method can eliminate pigment from different levels of the skin.

The pigments’ nature and the depth at which it is placed are key factors to determine the number if sessions that need to be performed.

If the pigment is in the epidermis or in the first layer of the dermis, it can be removed in 1-3 sessions. If it is in lower part of the dermis it may require up to 8 sessions.
“Erazer “ and “RemovalS” is a very safe method, however its application requires professional training.

How does it work?

Bringing the pigment to the surface is a chemical process carried out at the Epidermis level. When the molecules of the removal solution meet the pigment particles, it breaks the collagen capsules, binds with the pigment and brings it to the surface.
Do not expect to see significant amounts of pigment coming out of the surface of the skin during the treatment.
The pigment comes out in small quantities over several days.
Pigment may still be leaving the body up to 30 days after the treatment.


  • Keep the area clean and open to the air. Air and oxygen provides good and faster healing.

  • Do not touch area

  • Do not disturb scabbing process (picking/scratching)

  • Once scabbing has fallen, apply one drop of Vitamin E oil, for a few weeks till next removal session.

  • It’s important 4-6 weeks of healing take place between sessions.

Cancellation Policy:

Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully 12 hour notice. Missed appointments or appointments cancelled without a 12 hour notice will incur a fee of R600.00