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Why do some permanent eyebrows turn blue or red? How to avoid this? Can this be corrected if it happened to you?

A correct choice of pigment for permanent eyebrow makeup is very important.

High-quality pigment for semi-permanent makeup is very important but does not guarantee a successful outcome of permanent make-up treatment. Technician’s knowledge of coloristics and experience plays a huge role in this matter

Why does semi-permanent make-up become blue?

The main reason why semi-permanent eyebrows become blue is the wrong choice of colour mix.

Even the best quality and expensive semi-permanent pigment, if it’s badly matched to the skin type, technique, and colour, can become blue after healing.

Why the brow ink ages to be a red tone? Ink used in permanent makeup typically have either carbon or iron based pigments. Iron based pigments have a very high chance of aging red, as yellow and black iron oxides are unstable and weak, leaving behind a red hue similar to rust


The colour should be mixed according to the client’s tones and undertones in the skin, as well as their Fitzpatrick’s group.
The same pigment colour, if used on different people will look different after it heals. Our skin is not a white canvas, it has cool and warm undertones and different shades.

How the blue semi-permanent eyebrows can be corrected?

The blue pigment stays in the skin permanently. Unfortunately, it will not disappear by itself.

It can be treated in two ways: a warm shade of pigment may be applied on top to neutralize the cool tone, or a better and in my opinion preferred option – a laser removal.

The first option may need multiple procedures, usually 2 or even 3. It also doesn’t last very long as the blue pigment will keep resurfacing after some time (the blue pigment will remain in the skin). The result will depend on many factors like; how much concentrated the blue pigment is, and its depth.

The second way to correct blue eyebrows is to remove them with a laser or removals.

To avoid semi-permanent makeup going wrong always choose a semi-permanent make-up technician with a portfolio of work, that includes healed results .

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