Brow Lamination Service

Brow Lamination Service

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a pain-free process that restructures your brown hair so that it retains their shape, giving them a feathery look for up to six weeks.
Brow lamination makes your life easier as you don't have to worry about eye brow makeup for a long time. Brow lamination will transform their look in an improved long-lasting way, lifting the hairs, straightening them out and tinting them.

Laminated brows are achieved by applying two types of chemical solutions on to the Brow hairs. It's a gentle perm for your eyebrows but the point is to straighten them and fix them in an upwards position so that your lashes appear thicker. The effect of Brow lamination lasts up to six weeks.

Which chemicals is used during brow lamination?

  • Perm lotion in a form of cream is applied onto the brows. It creates a chemical reaction that breaks down the bonds in the hair and relaxes them so they are straightened and look longer.

  • Fixing solution is applied that will set them into shape.

  • Tint.

  • Nourishing oil to moisturize hair and skin.

Brow lamination after care:

There is very little maintenance needed after brow lamination treatment.

  • Avoid getting brows wet for 24 hours.

  • Apply serum or keratin

Cancellation Policy:

Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully 12 hour notice. Missed appointments or appointments cancelled without a 12 hour notice will incur a fee of R600.00