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Alesea Metiner PMU Studio

Welcome to Alesea Metiner PMU Studio, situated in the heart of V&A Waterfront, at Granger bay Court.

Hi, I’m Alesea Metiner, I am from Moldova originally and been living past 12 years in SA. I am here to share with you my passion for beauty industry, which I’ve been working at for last 15 yeas.

Since discovery my passion in beauty industry I’ve had a beauty shop in Johannesburg as Wel as nail salon in my home town in Moldova when I first started my journey, which led me to Permanent makeup.

Since attending my basic cause with OMG by Oksana Martynenko in 2018 its been a long and adventurous journey with multiple master classes, courses to achieving Artist title by one of the most world recognised Sviatoslav Otchenash Academies in 2021 and moving into my own studio. I am PCASA (Permanent Cosmetic Association of SA) registered and completed all my blood borne training up to date.

I have set my goal to provide a tasteful experience, quality work with high quality product and equipment as well as flawless confidence to clients coming through my doors.

Nestled in the heart of V&A Waterfront, our studio is the home of our artists providing various permanent make up, microblading and tattoo removals services.

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